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Losar customs and culture displayed in museum

Amazing activities are held in Tibet Museum during Losar for celebration, displaying various kinds of Losar customs and tradition and attracting large numbers of tourists.

The activities held are of artistic, entertaining and visual quality, such as lantern riddles guessing, local customs and tradition displaying through material objects or photos, and Tibetan specialties tasting for free and so on.

Since 2010, Tibet Museum has organized many new-year cultural activities for the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year, enjoying great popularity among locals and tourists.

In fact, a similar cultural activity was held to show spring festival customs on Jan. 23, 2012, or the Chinese Lunar New Year Day.

Losar;Tibet Museum;

Activities were held to display Tibetan New Year customs and culture in Tibetan Museum.

Located opposite to the Norbulingka (once the Dalai Lama's summer palace, now a publicpark) in the southeast of Lhasa, this modern museum was built and opened to public in1999, totally funded by the Chinese Central Government.

Covering 53,959 square meters, the three-storey museum was designed in the traditionalTibetan architectural style and was opened to the public for free in 2009.

Tibetan Museum

Tibetan Museum

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