The latest news in 2017: Now, Tibet Permit can be handled normally, but reserve Tibet tour in advance of 20 days please. Details

Tibet Travel FAQ

Nagqu Travel Tips

Tips on Naqqu climate, dinning, entertainment, custom and ways to getting around. More

Shigatse Travel Tips

Shigatse is sunny and mild with yearly average temperature of 6.3℃. The period from May to July is the best time to travel in Shigatse. More

Lhasa Travel Tips

Tips on the best travel time in lhasa, airport information, restaurant and shopping places and money exchange. More

Tips for Photography Fans

This page offer some helpful tips for travelers with a hope of taking photos in Tibet. More

Tibetan taboos

This page shows you how to behave well when traveling Tibet. More

Currency Exchange

In Tibet, only US dollars can be accepted besides Chinese Yuan. Only the Bank of China offers foreign exchange services and facilities in Tibet and certain up market hotels More

Entertainment Tips

The cultural and daily life in Tibet is diverse. Besides the various festivals, there are several hundred of cultural palaces and clubs, offering entertainment and sports facilities to ordinary Tibetans as well as holy monks. More

Avoid Mountain Sickness

What is Acute Mountain Sickness and how to avoid it when traveling to Tibet? More

Tibet Travel Permits

There are overall four documents required for foreign tourists who want to travel freely in Tibet: a valid China visa, a Tibetl permit,a travel permit, and a militery permit. More

Best Season to Tibet

What is the best season to travel to Tibet? Tibet Weahter, Festival tips More

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