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Tibet Travel Taboos


Tibet people are religious people and visitors may find their customs and practices are very different to that in the countries they come from. Although Tibet people are friendly and easy to get along with but there are still some points you should be sensitive about when you travel there. Be sure to respect local customs and traditions when traveling in Tibet.

1. Do not take pictures without permission. Some Tibetans believe that taking their pictures will harm their soul. It is best to ask for permission before taking pictures or filming any locals, especially the elderly. Sometimes they will ask you for money but most of time it is ok to give them a little gift. Like the Lama Temple in Beijing, most Tibetan monasteries, especially larger ones, do not allow photography. Please pay attention to signs prohibiting photography. If you don't see any, assume they exist, or ask for permission before taking pictures.

2. Do not talk the sensitive issues like politics &, religion. Do not try to talk with some lamas about their lives and religions and try to avoid any political issues.

3. Take your hat off when entering a chapel. Do not touch or remove anything on an altar. Always walk around monasteries, piles of Mani stones, pagodas and other religious structures in a clockwise direction. That you do not walk in a clockwise direction is considered to be a profane act by the Tibetans

4. Never touch Tibetan People on the head.

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