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Bejing-Tibet Train Tour with Lhasa

Bejing-Tibet Train Tour with Lhasa
Visits: Beijing-Lhasa-Shigatse-Mt. Everest-Lhasa
Days: 11 days Trip Available: You choose
Beijing-Tibet railway-Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse-Sakya-Everest Base Camp-Lhasa-leave Tibet/Main Resorts: Potala palace, Jokhang temple,Barkhor street,Sera monastery, Drepung monastery, Yamdro-tso Lake, Pelkhor Monastery,Tashlunpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Rongpuk Monastery, Everest Base Camp
Day 01-03 Train Beijing to Lhasa(45 hours train ride)

Take Train T27, depart from Beijing at 21:30 on Day1, arrive in Lhasa at 18:38 on Day3. With wonderful window excursion along Qinghai-Tibet Railway, you will see land of snows, desert, grassland, ice mountain and travel along the lakeside which will strongly go to your heart.

Day 04-05 Two full days of Sightseeing inside Lhasa(B)

Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor street, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery.

The first two days you are in Tibet will be put towards sightseeing inside Lhasa, to visit fabulous and typical Buddhist and historic sites.

In Potala palace, you can explore the grandest of this myriad chapels, its audience halls, the jeweled and Golden burial chortens(stupa Tombs) of past Dalai Lamas, and tremendous number of Buddhist frescoes, thangkas, combinations of mandala, figures of the Buddha You will visit 3 important monasteries in Lhasa, the first and foremost is Johkang Temple, the spiritual center of Tibetan Buddhism, attracts pilgrims all over Tibetan Area, built during songtsen gonpo's reign by princess wencheng of tang dynasty, 647 A.D. the other two Monasteries Sera and Drepung Monastery locate in suburb of Lhasa, are hosted by hundreds of Monks, learning, praying, studying, living there. The famous Monks debiting is held in the courtyard of Sera Monastery in the afternoon.

You will also explore the circular pilgrim route barkhor while traveling at Johkang Temple, to contact local folks here, and if possible purchase some traditional Tibetan artifacts, religious implements, antiques, books, Tibetan music instrument, Thangkas, and tradition tibetan clothes etc.
Overnight at Lhasa

(Notice, the sequence of sightseeing will be based on the reservation of Potala Palace)  


Day 6 Lhasa-Gyantse(300km)-asphalt road(B)

Visiting Yamdrok tso and Gyantse kumbhum monastery

It is better to leave early in the morning and in about one and half hourway, there is a county called “chushor”quxu in chinese where have to move towards the lhokha(shannan) prefecture. A few kilometers from chushor is famous pass kangpa-la with4700m.from the top of the pass in clear weather, you can see the fabulous shade of deep torquoise. Yamdrok-yutso is shaped like coiling scorpion with deep blue in colour. Far in the distance is the huge massif of mount Nanchan kangtsang(7191m). just a few kilometrers driving through the shore of lake yamdrok-yutso reches Nangartse county and is the largest town on the lake side and popular stop for the night. Leaving yamdrok-tso is a spectacular as arrriving, since you have to cross the 4960m karo-la with its awesome roadside views of the Nanchan- Kangtsang glacier. It was here that Younghusband's british troops clashed with tibetan forces en route to lhasa.then reached to our day’s final destination Gyantse. Relax a night in hotel.

Overnight in Gyantse


Day 07 Gyantse-Shigatse-Sakya(90km)- smooth road(B)

Visiting famous Tashi Lhunpo monastery and forward to Sakya monastery

morning section for Kubum monastery is the town's foremost attraction. The 35m-high chorten(stupa) with its white layers trimmed with decorative stripes and its crown-like goldendome, is can visit every chambers in the monastery. Kubum means 100,000 images in tibetan. Then experince the life of common tibetan people's life around the town and also the Gyantse fort. Then moving towards the shigatse city. After finished up yours lunch, you can visit the famous Tashi lhunpo monastery and is one of the the six great Gelukpa institutions and was founded in 1447 by a disciple of Tsongkapa, Genden drup who was first dalai lama. Jamkhang Chenmo, containing the world's largest gilded copper image(26m high) of future god Jampa.Then in evening you can visit the famous tibetan market below the shigatse Zong.

Overnight in Sakya County


Day 08 Sakya/Shegar/Rongpuk(335KM) -running through smooth friendship highway, the road condition is bad as it is rough bumpy upto base camp.(B)

Visiting Sakya monastery in morning section and towards Rongpuk

advancing towards the sakya county where you can visit to the sakya monastery. On the way you will cross the Tso la pass(4410m) and on the long descent from this pass, the Sakya bridge is visible in the distance. The sakya county is 21km from the friendship highway. The sakya tridition is one of the four main Buddhist schools in tibet. it was from here that the whole of tibet was governed during the period of Sakya hegemony and even now there are buildings of historic importance to be seen here. You can see the largest book in the world in Sakya's great library written in gold. The most interesting thing in Sakya sect is that the sect donot believe in reincarnation and the head of sakya sect will wear white cassock and also marry to birth their child for next generation. after lunch, drive towards to Rongpuk.
It is not easy to travel upto Everest Natural Preserve. Like you need two permits to visit base camp. The first is the usual PSB travel permit and second, a park-entry permit for everest nature preserve,can be brought at Qomolangma nature preserve San chen guesthouse in shekar or the snow leopard guest house in old Tingri. The permit cost 400Yper vehicle,plus 180Yper passenger. Your passort and PBS permit will be checked at the checkpoint 6km west of shegar.

Tips: Why live at Rongpu Monastery
Generally speaking, although the altitude of Rongpu Monastery is 5200m, most healthy travelers are able to live in Rongpu without feeling uncomfortable. We strongly advice you to live at Rongpu Monastery for 1 night. As of our experience in mountain area, Everest can be seen much clearer in the morning than at noon. If you live in Rongpu Monastery, it takes 10 minutes walking to the viewing platform to see the clear Mt.Everest in the morning, on the contrary, living in Tingri might lead you to a bad result that you can not see the clear face of Mt.Everest at noon.

Overnight in Rongpuk


Day 09 Half day sightseeing at Everest Area, then drive back to Shigatse(B)

Moving towards the famous Everest camp to see the Everest(4km) Overnight in Shigatse

Day 10 Shigatse/Lhasa(300km, 5 hours, smooth road)(B)

There is no tourist sites to visit today, our only purpose is drive back to Lhasa, Overnight in Lhasa

Day 11 Leave Tibet

Our tour guide will see you off in person at Lhasa airport or train station, end the tour.

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