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Pilgrimage Tour: Zhangmu / Mt. Kailash Tour

Pilgrimage Tour: Zhangmu / Mt. Kailash Tour
Visits: Zhangmu - Nyalam - Saga - Paryang - Lake Manasorovar - Mt. Kailash - Diraphuk - Zutrulphuk - Kathmandu
Days: 13 days Trip Available: You choose
Milarepa, Saga Hotel, Zhongba, Wosaling Nunnery, Dargelying Monastery, Ngamring Tso,Mt. Kailash, Lake Mansorovar, Mayum la pass,Kailash, Darchen Gon, Mani Lhakhang, Tarboche, Drolma la pass, Gauri Kund Lake, parikrama

Day 1 Zhangmu/Nyalam

It's a short drive now of only 30km to Nyalam. We spend a rest day in Nyalam today in order to acclimatize before heading up higher. A short way out of town there is a small temple, Nyalam Pelgye Ling, which is associated with Milarepa. Milarepa, the yogi, has played an important role in the religious life of Tibet and his teachings still influence the people everywhere.

Day 2 Nyalam/Saga

Today we drive 250km to Saga, the site of a great festival in May each year. From Nyalam, we cross two high passes, with great views of the 8000+ m peak of Shishapangma. We continue to the huge lake called Peiku-tso. We eat our packed lunch at the lakeside, then continue our journey to saga.

Day 3 Saga/Paryang, 4750 M, 250 KMS, 8-9 HRS

From Saga it is 145 km to Zhongba. The road is good and the trip can be completed in 4-5 hrs. There is also a small monastery at the western end of town on a hill, Wosaling Nunnery. From Zhongba onwards the southern road deteriorates. Dargelying Monastery. There is also danger of vehicles getting stuck. But this section of the road has panoramic views of mountains on either side of the road. Ngamring Ts

Day 4 Paryang/Lake Manasorovar

From Paryang to Lake Mansorovar is a long drive of 10 hrs or more. There will be several river crossings and we drive past Mayum la pass (4600 M). Camp on the opposite side of Manosaravar at the point where it's possible to see Kailash above the lake. Beyond Paryang, there are several river crossings to negotiate as we drive the final stage to the beautiful Lake Manasarovar, just 30km south of Mt Kailash. The auspicious day for the group as we have our first glimpse of the Holy Manasarovar and of Mount Kailash from Horr Chu La (pass). Lake Manasarovar is separated from another lake, Rakshas Tal, by a narrow strip of land. On the rare occasions when water flows between the two, it is said to be a good sign for the Tibetan people. And today, you can have a close touch with the holy lake in Tibet

Day 5 Lake Manasorovar

Manasarovar Today we enjoy the tranquility at the lake, or join in one of the many pujas (prayer sessions) that are part of the pilgrimage process. Some will sit in meditation all day, others will take a holy dip in the waters.

Day 6 Manasarovar to Darchen (4560m)

Leaving the lake, we drive towards Mt Kailash and stop at Darchen, the main gateway and the village. Have a visit to the monastery at Darchen, Darchen Gon. West of the gompa is the Mani Lhakhang. When beginning their kora pilgrimage around Kailash, many pilgrims often circumambulate the Darchen Gon monastery and the Mani Lhakhang before setting out.

Day 7 Kailash Circuit Trek/Diraphuk, 6 hrs

This Kailash circuit covers 53 kms and can be done in 3 days. We head west in clockwise direction and after a few kilometers the trail climbs up to a cairn at 4730 m from where the southern face of Mt. Kailash comes to view. En route visit Tarboche where annual flagpole raising ceremony takes place during Saga Dawa. And today is the first day of Saka Dawa Festival

Day 8 Diraphuk/Zutrulphuk, 6-7hrs

Toady we cross Drolma la pass (5630 M) and Gauri Kund Lake (5608 m) where Hindus worship and immerse themselves in the icy waters of the lake.

Day 9 Zutrulphuk/Darchen/Lake Manasorovar, 3-4hrs

The final end of the parikrama is an easy 3-4 hrs walk down to where the river emerges on to the Barga plain. We complete the 3 day circuit trek of Mt. Kailash and back to Darchen. our vehicles await us, and take us back to Lake Manasarovar.

Day 10 Manasarovar to Prayang (4750m)

Today is a long drive, about 300km, back to Praryang. We re-cross the Mayun-la and several rivers.

Day 11 Paryang to Saga (4600m)

We continue driving today along a 255km stretch of road to Saga, passing through the small town of Zhongba en route.

Day 12 Saga to Nyalam (3750m)

Back to Nyalam today.

Day 13 Nyalam to Kathmandu (1400m)

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